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I am the Secretary of the Colorado Water Garden Society.

Beyond the Backyard – Natural & Man-made Water Features & Ponds Located in Colorado

Beyond the Backyard 2014 Directions Berkeley Lake 4601 W. 46th Avenue, Denver Exit I-70 at Sheridan Blvd. Travel south to 46th Ave. Turn left/east and pull into the parking lot. Majestic View Park and Nature Center 7030 Garrison St, Arvada … Continue reading

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Various Filtration Methods (Material Courtesy of Bob Hoffman, President, CWGS)

On The Waterfront PLANTS  & CLEAR WATER . . . by Richard “Dick” Shuck The 10% Solution© Is your pond green and dirty?  Do you find yourself telling friends and  neighbors that ‘everybody’s pond looks like that’?  Would you appreciate a simple … Continue reading

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Hydroponic Media For Water Plants, by Ken Burkert, Spring 2012

Reference:  Greg Speichert & Sue Speichert, Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants, 2004, Timber Press, Page 17. The above authors referred to the use of generic cat litter as a form of hydroponic planting media. The idea fit my situation well, … Continue reading

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Comparing Pump Types & Pricing

Is there information on types of external pumps to use for ponds?  Swimming pool pumps are a lot cheaper than pumps specifically made for ponds. When comparing the cost of pumps you need to compare flow rate and head capabilities, … Continue reading

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Care & Feeding of Bowl Lotus

About Bowl Lotus:  Bowl lotus are the miniature lotus of the Nelumbo family. Handling:  Lotus tubers are shipped while in dormancy.  The tubers are very fragile and must be handled with care.  DO NOT remove any wilted or dead material … Continue reading

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Winterizing Your Pond

Leaves and debris High concentrations of leaves will make ammonia compounds Tea colored water indicates a high concentration of leaf debris To restore water quality Dechlorinate first Change out 10% – 20% of the water Activated charcoal filters also work … Continue reading

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